Start a giveaway.
Quickly ban raiders
Reload something
Remove a modlog
Reroll a giveaway.
Reset a user's profile.
Respond to a suggestion.


Claim your daily reward.
Change your settings.
Purchase items with the money you have earned.


Search for a beepcode.
Search for a debug code
Post one of the server rules.
Retrieve an article from the Cyberpower Zendesk Help Center.
Bring up an information tag.


Check the bots ping.
Check the bots stats.


Start a voice channel activity
View a user's avatar.
Claim a reward
View information on commands
View the Cyberpower UK Leaderboard.
View the Cyberpower UK Member Count.
Link your Minecraft account.
View someone's saved specs.
Start a poll
View a member's rank & cybercoins.
Set your PC's specs
Submit your setup to the PC showroom.
Make a suggestion about Cyberpower's products/services/social media content.


Ban a user.
Close a modmail ticket.
Kick a member.
Lock a channel.
Lookup a modlog.
Manually verify a member.
View a user's modlogs.
Mute a member.
Get a user's verified order numbers.
Bulk delete up to 100 messages at once.
Enable slowmode in a channel.
Unban a user.
Unlock a channel.
Unmute a member.
Unverify a member.
Warn a member.
View information about a member.


Verify a Cyberpower order.