Name Description Category Accessible By Aliases
eval Runs and evaluates code admin Crunchy_Cookies
fixroles Checks XP roles for everyone in the server admin Crunchy_Cookies
giveaway Start a giveaway admin Community Support Managers & Staff gstart
reconnect Reconnects the bot to Discord. admin Crunchy_Cookies reload, reboot
remove Remove a mod-log. admin Mods, Staff & Admins removewarn, delwarn, dellog, removelog
removexp Remove x amount of XP from a user. admin Mods, Admins & Staff resetxp, xpreset
reroll Reroll a giveaway admin Community Support Managers & Staff
reset Reset a User's XP admin Mods, Admins & Staff resetxp, xpreset
respond Respond to a suggestion admin Staff
3dmark 3DMark Download information Everyone 3d, 3dm
adrenalin AMD Adrenalin Download Link information Everyone adrenaline, amd
afterburner MSI Afterburner Link information Everyone msiafterburner, msi-afterburner, ab
armourycrate ASUS Armoury Crate Download Link information Everyone aura, armoury, ac
beepcode Lookup a Beep Code information Everyone beep
buildmypc Build My PC Link information Everyone ezpc
cam NZXT CAM Link information Everyone nzxt, nzxtcam
cinebench Cinebench R20 Download information Everyone cinebenchr20, r20, cb
cmos Removing the CMOS Battery Information information Everyone cmos-battery, cmosbattery
config Guide to configurating a PC information Everyone
coronavirus COVID-19 Information information Everyone covid19, covid, covid-19
cpu-z CPU-Z Download Link information Everyone cpuz
cpus Cyberpower US Discord information Everyone us, usa, uscp
crystaldiskinfo CrystalDiskInfo Download Link information Everyone diskinfo, crystal-disk-info, cdi
crystaldiskmark CrystalDiskMark Download Link information Everyone diskmark, crystal-disk-mark, cdm
ddu Display Driver Uninstaller Instructions & Download Link information Everyone displaydriveruninstaller
declined Finance Declined Information information Everyone decline, denied, deny
experience NVIDIA GeForce Experience Download Link information Everyone nvidia, geforce
finance Finance Support Information information Everyone f, finance-support, financesupport
financeinfo Finance Information Link information Everyone fi, financing, finance-info, financepage
forum Cyberpower UK's Forum information Everyone forums
furmark Furmark Instructions & Download Link information Everyone fur-mark, fm
guide Cyberpower's Quick Start Guide information Everyone manual, g
hdtune HDTune Download Link information Everyone hdt
hwinfo HWiNFO Download Link information Everyone hw-info
icue Corsair iCUE Download Link information Everyone corsairicue, corsair-icue
instagram Cyberpower UK's Instagram information Everyone insta, ig
laptopdrivers Cyberpower's Laptop Drivers Link information Everyone ld, vector, tracer, laptop
memtest86 MemTest86 Instructions & Download Link information Everyone memtest86, mt86, memtest, mem, mt
monitorcables Picture showing where the monitor cables go information Everyone monitor, mc
msicenter MSI Dragon Centre Download Link information Everyone mysticlight, ml, mystic, msi, msicentre, dragoncenter, dragoncentre
neonmaker Thermaltake Neonmaker Software Download information Everyone nm, neon
prime95 Prime95 Instructions & Download Link information Everyone p95, prime
production Production Information information Everyone
sales Sales Information information Everyone services, cs, customerservices, customerservice, service, s
save GIF showing how to post a configured system. information Everyone share
search Search the Cyberpower Help Centre information Everyone hc, kb
store Cyberpower UK's Gear Store information Everyone gearstore, gear-store
tech Technical Support Information information Everyone support, ts, t
tiktok Cyberpower UK's TikTok information Everyone
tracker Cyberpower UK's Online Order Tracker information Everyone order-tracker, ordertracker, orderstatus, order-status
trustpilot Cyberpower's Trustpilot Link information Everyone tp, trust-pilot, review, reviews
twitter Cyberpower UK's Twitter information Everyone
update Cyberpower Service Update information Everyone delays
wallpapers Cyberpower UK Wallpapers information Everyone background, wallpaper
website Cyberpower UK's Website information Everyone site, web
windows Windows 10 installation instructions information Everyone window, windows10, win, win10, w10
youtube Cyberpower UK's YouTube information Everyone yt
help Displays all commands management Everyone h, commands
ping Shows the Discord API Heartbeat and Message Edit Time. management Everyone p
stats Shows the Bot & Server stats. management Everyone
ban Ban a member moderation Mods, Admins & Staff b
banid Ban an ID moderation Mods, Admins & Staff bid, bi
blacklist Blacklist a user from the music commands moderation Mods, Admins & Staff
kick Kick a member moderation Mods, Admins & Staff k
lock Lock a Channel moderation Mods, Admins & Staff lockdown
lookup Lookup a Case ID for more information on a punishment. moderation Mods, Staff & Admins look-up, caseid, case-id
modlogs See the modlogs for a user. moderation Mods, Staff & Admins modlog, infractions
mute Mute a member moderation Mods, Admins & Staff m
purge Bulk delete an amount of messages in a channel. moderation Moderators & Staff clear, bulkdelete, bulk-delete
slowmode Enables Slowmode in a Channel moderation Moderators & Staff slomode
tempban Temporarily ban a member. moderation Mods, Admins & Staff tb, tban, temp-ban
tempmute Temp-mute a member moderation Mods, Admins & Staff tm, tmute, temp-mute
unban Un-ban a member moderation Mods, Admins & Staff ub
unblacklist Un-blacklist a user from the music commands moderation Mods, Admins & Staff
unlock Unlock a Channel moderation Mods, Admins & Staff unlockdown
unmute Un-mute a member moderation Mods, Admins & Staff um
user Get information about a user. moderation Moderators & Staff user-lookup, lookupuser, userlookup, lookup-user
warn Warn a member moderation Mods, Admins & Staff w
manualverify Verifies an order number to get access to a channel manually. verification Moderators, Administrators & Staff manualverification, manverify, manualverif, manverif
order Gets the verified order number of a user. verification Mods, Admins & Staff orderno, ordernumber, ordernumbers, ordernos
unverify Unverifies a person verification Moderators, Administrators & Staff unverification
verify Verifies an order number to get access to a channel. verification Everyone verification
avatar Gets the Avatar of a user miscellaneous Everyone pfp, profilepic, pic, av
leaderboard Ranking Leaderboard miscellaneous Everyone levels, lb, ranking
membercount Cyberpower UK's Member Count miscellaneous Everyone members, count, usercount, users
pc View the specifications of a saved system miscellaneous Everyone viewpc, pcview, pcspec, pcspecs, specs
rank See your XP and Levels miscellaneous Everyone xp, level, r
setpc Saves the specs of your system miscellaneous Everyone savepc, pcset, pcsave
setup Post a picture of your setup in the PC showroom. miscellaneous Everyone
submit Submit a piece of Cyberpower artwork to be posted in the artwork channel miscellaneous Everyone art, artwork
suggest Submit a suggestion on how to improve our service, products or Discord server. miscellaneous Everyone suggestion
disconnect Disconnects the bot from a voice channel. music Everyone
nowplaying Shows the song currently playing. music Everyone np
pause Pauses the song music Everyone
play Play Music music Everyone
queue View the music queue. music Everyone
skip Skip Music music Everyone
volume Changes the volume of the song. music Everyone